Bible Tag is a new online tool designed to make it easier for people to find the Bible passages they are looking for.


Using online Bible search tools can feel like a game of chance.

You visit a Bible search website, put in your search term and hope for the best. You enter a term like ‘bread’ and get over 200 verses in either a chronological or a seemingly random order. Now what? You start clicking though the pages of results until you realise that the translation you’ve searched doesn’t use the word in the context you were after.

Or what if you’re new to the Bible? You wouldn’t even know that ‘bread’ features as a recurring theme. How would you explore this mysterious book? What would you do? Just start at the beginning?

Online, I can find exactly what train ticket, DVD or second hand car I want, but the Bible remains a challenge to navigate. With all the technological and social tools available online there must be a better way!


Bible Tag is a concept for a new way to search and read the Bible through a web application or mobile app, a way to make finding your way through the Bible easier.

Crucially, we believe it would be a great tool for those who are new to the Bible and trying to find their way in.

The Bible Tag concept involves improving two key features already synonymous with our online experiences: Tagging and Searching


Bible Tag would contain a simple way to navigate the Bible by book, chapter and verse. As you read the Bible using the Bible Tag website or app you could easily tag a verse or passage with a specific term.

You might be reading about Jesus’ death and add the tag ‘Easter’. As you read you’ll also be able to see existing tags and can up-vote the ones you agree with. Over time a system of connected terms and ideas across the Bible would grow.


With this community-built concordance we would be able to offer new and simple ways to explore the Bible.

What if you were to search again for ‘bread’? You might still be presented with 200 results but this time, by using the tag data you would be much more likely to quickly find what you want.

Your ‘bread’ search results might inform you that of these 200 verses, the most popular shared tags are ‘Jesus’, ‘Parable’ and ‘Festival’; so you could refine your search according to what you were looking for. Once you’d found the verse you wanted you could quickly search again using the other tags associated with that verse.

If you were new to the Bible, tools like a simple system for exploring other verses that share tags with a verse you know could be hugely valuable.


At this stage our objective is to share the concept, start forming a community of people interested in the project and to explore potential funding avenues so we can start development.

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