Is BibleTag a website or an app?

Initially we’ll develop what is technically called a ‘web app’ – like a website it’s accessed through a browser on a computer, tablet or phone, but behind the scenes there will be a purpose built database and software running the show.

We’d also love to develop ‘native’ apps – those that are installed onto mobiles and tablets and generally offer a better user experience, but this will involve additional time and cost so it’s not our first priority.

Is BibleTag designed to be an online community?

Yes – We want to encourage an understanding that the whole network of tags is created, by a community, for the benefit of others.

Each user will need to have and account in order to tag and we’re considering features such as choosing to follow particular users to see what they’re tagging.

We’ll also encourage people to use tags that relate to groups they’re a part of – churches, organisations or events could have a tag associated with then.

Will there be #hashtags?

Tags on BibleTag will just be a word or short phrase. Because that’s all the information that’s being given there’ll be no need to use a hashtag.

How will you make sure tags are as useful as possible?

Firstly we’ll have systems to avoid unnecessary new tags from being created. If an entirely new tag is used the system will offer the user a similar tag that is in use first.

Secondly each tag will have a ‘star rating’. If a user agrees that a tag is useful and relevant to a particular verse, they can increase it’s rating.

Higher rated verses will appear at the top of search results by default.

How will you moderate unhelpful or offensive tags?

Unhelpful or offensive tags are unlikely to get many stars so will become naturally less visible.

We’ll also have a filter, which will identify some offensive tags, and we’ll have a system for users to report offending tags.

We’ve explored the idea of giving users who are particularly involved in the community (perhaps their tags are regularly starred) special license to identify or even delete tags that are unhelpful of offensive.

Lastly, we’ll have clear guidelines explaining what constitutes ‘offensive’ and will monitor and block users who break these guidelines.

What’s the funding model for BibleTag

Our belief is that in order for Bible Tag to offer the best possible experience to as many as possible it needs to be free from advertising and free to access.

This means that ultimately BibleTag will be paid for by donations from individuals and organisations.

If you feel you might like to give financially to help see BibleTag become a reality or if you just want to find out please get in touch.

Wouldn’t it be better to build these features into an existing, and already popular Bible search system?

Possibly, and that may happen. Or maybe someone, somewhere is already doing this. But we really believe this a fresh idea that will help a lot of people and that it’s time to try and make it happen.